Creation of Doubt between Hazrat Ali (AS) and Hazrat Fatima (SA) by Miscreants

Hazrat Ali (AS) was kind, considerate and solicitous. He was married to Hazrat Syeda Fatima (SA) as ordained by Allah. Abu Bakr Khawarzami states: “One day the Prophet (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) came out of his house and his illustrious face was shining like the full moon. Abdur Rahman asked the Prophet (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) the reasons for such happiness depicted on his holy face. He replied, “I am overjoyed because I have received from Allah very good news. Allah has betrothed my loving daughter Fatima (SA) to Hazrat Ali (AS).


This marriage proved to be very successful. Some people tried to make mischief between Hazrat Fatima (SA) and Hazrat Ali (AS) by spreading false rumours concerning their married life. Once a mischief-monger spread the news that Hazrat Ali (AS) intended to have another wife and had proposed the hand of Abu Jahal’s daughter. Hazrat Fatima (SA) refused to believe in it at first but the man who informed her, swore that it was a fact. At this Hazrat Fatima (SA) was much grieved. She proceeded towards the house of her father to apprise him of the whole matter. In her absence Hazrat Ali (AS) returned and betook him to the Mosque on finding that Hazrat Fatima (SA) was not present in the house. He offered his prayers and lay down to rest. When the Prophet (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) heard about th is he went to the Mosque. The Prophet (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) went to him and said: “Ali, do you not know that Fatima (SA) is a part and parcel of my heart. He who displeases her, annoys me”.


Hazrat Ali (AS) replied in affirmative. Whereupon the Messenger of Allah (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) said, “Why have you proposed for the hand of Abu Jahal’s daughter?” Hazrat Ali (AS) was much surprised and swore that such a thought had ever entered his mind. He had great regard for his wife and would never marry another as long as she was alive. This reply fully satisfied the Prophet (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) and his beloved daughter. Hazrat Ali (AS) tried his level best to provide all sorts of comforts to his wife. They undersent all trials and hardships together and shared joy and suffering unitedly. The husband and the wife were the embodiment of nobility. As they had grown up under the guidance of the Prophet (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam), there was perfect harmony between them. On the death of Hazrat Fatima (SA) a man asked Hazrat Ali (AS): “How did you pass your life with Fatima (SA)?” He heaved a sign and said, “She was a gragrant flower of Heaven. By Allah she gave me no chance of complaint during  her life”.


Hazrat Ali (AS) had three sons and two daughters from Fatima (SA). Muhsin died in infancy. Hasan and Husain (SA) won eternal fame. The Prophet (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) loved them from the core of his heart. On many occasions he used to play with them and they found great delight in jumping on his back when he was busy in offering the prayers. Although Hazrat Ali (AS) was not well off, yet his children were not deprived of any necessity of life. They received the best treatment and every wish of theirs was considered. Hasan and Husain (AS) are the heads of the Sayyids dynasty. They commanded a good reputation for their piety and mildness. Hasan (AS) is responsible for narrating many Traditions collected by Ahmad in his Masjad. Husain (AS) was the Quran Conner and scholar of a remarkable position. Since both the youngsters passed their years of early childhood and adolescence under the fostering care of their grandfather, they became a personification of upright conduct and self-denial. Great love and tenderness was lavished on Hasan and Husain (AS) from the day of their birth until they reached manhood. But a grim fate awaited them in later life. Hasan (AS) was poisoned to death by one of his wives. Husain (AS) was martyred on the banks of the Euphrates (River). He expired thirsty, hungry and abandoned by most of his supporters. The tragic death of this illustrious martyr could not fail to move the heart of many sensitive human beings. He set a noble example of courage and deep religious faith. After the death of Fatima (SA), Hazrat Ali (AS) married again.



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