Egypt under the Sway of Moavia

Egypt, under the Governorship of Qais became a land of constant rebellions. As Qais was a sober and shrewd politician, he tried to settle all issues amicably. The citizens of Khartba were unwilling to acknowledge him as the representative of the Caliph of Islam. They demanded retribution for the murder of Usman. Qais did not suppress them with firm hands. He pardoned them on the condition that they would not disturb the peace again. Hazrat Ali (AS) began casting doubts on the faithfulness of Qais and removed him from the office of the Governor. He appointed Muhammad bn Abi Bakr in his stead. He was narrow-minded and strict. He was one of the distinguished regicides. He adopted a drastic policy of repression which added to the unpopularity of Hazrat Ali (AS). Soon afterwards he was replaced by Ashtar, a seasoned warrior but he was poisoned to death. Muhammad bin Abi Bakr was again reinstated. Moavia kept a keen eye on the whole developments. When he got an opportunity, he commissioned Amr bn al’As to capture Egypt. Amr conquered Egypt with the assistance of 6000 soldiers. Muhammad bin Abi Bakr could not face him and took to his heels. He was captured and put to the sword by Moavia who thought him to be one of the murderers of Usman (RA). It is stated that his corpse was ignominiously burnt in the skin of an ass. Ayesha (RA) was greatly shocked at her brother’s ill fate but she was quite helpless but she continued abusing Moavia on killing her brother in such a bad way. Thus Egypt was subjugatede and the loss of this fertile province was a severe blow to the Caliphate of Hazrat Ali (AS).


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