Hazrat Ali (AS)’s Helplessness

Although the Khawarij were apparently defeated yet this evil was not entirely rooted out. Their rebellious attitude left a deep impression on the minds of all the subjects. At the critical juncture, the people around the Caliph seemed to have lost that tremendous spirit which glorified Islam in the past. When Hazrat Ali (AS) expressed his intention of dealing with Moavia, his followers made lame excuses and were reluctant to invade Syria. They desired to take rest before the re-commencement of the battle. Gradually, they began to slip to Kufa. Hazrat Ali (AS) delivered stirring and eloquent sermons to prepare the inhabitants of Kufa for the compaign against Syria. All his exhortations and injunctions fell upon deaf ears. It was quite evident that the miscreants had succeeded in creating disunity in the army. Moreover, the circumstances in Egypt had come to such a pass that Hazrat Ali (AS) was obliged to give up the idea of leading an expedition to Syria. Thus he retraced his steps to Kufa from Nakhila where he encamped.


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