Hijaz and the Yemen Lost

After the conquest of Egypt, Moavia dispatched an army of 3000 soldiers to march on Hijaz. Hazrat Ali (AS) deputed Abu Ayyub to check the advance to the invaders. He was unable to withstand the invasion of the army led by Busr and fled to Kufa. Busr entered the city unopposed and threatened the notable personalities of the city with death if they declined to pledge loyalty to Moavia. Similarly, Mecca was also occupied by this army and the citizens were so horrified that most of them took the oath of allegiance under the stress of unavoidable circumstances. Busr next proceeded to the Yemen of which Abdullah ibn Abbas was the Governor. The army entered the city and captured it without resistance. They killed numerous adherents of Hazrat Ali (AS). The innocent children of Abdullah ibn Abbas fell into the hands of tyrants. They did not spare them and put them to the sword. Another army of Moavia under the command of Sufyan ibn Auf plundered Mad’in. Hazrat Ali (AS) appointed Ziyad to confront the forces of the enemy. He dispatched troops to the Yemen and Hijaz and re-established his authority there. During these disturbances Abdullah ibn Abbas got angry with the Caliph and deserted him. The heart of Hazrat Ali (AS)| was disgusted with the crowding troubles. He decided to abandon hostilities against Syria and conclude a treaty with Moavia. According to this treaty it was decided that Moavia would be recognized as the ruler of Syria and Egypt. Whereas the rest of the Empire would remain under Hazrat Ali (AS). After this compromise the troublesome clash was averted and both the parties tried to maintain peace by adopting a friendly attitude.


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