Replacement of the Governors

Hazrat Ali (AS) hold the view that the discontent during the reign of the previous Caliphs was simply due to the misrule of the Governors. Some of them were corrupt and unscrupulous. They used to derive undue advantage of their position. In order to satisfy the insurgents and redress the grievances of the public, Hazrat Ali (AS) was prompt in replacing the Governors while the political sky was still cloudy. Some of his sincere companions like Mughira and Abdullah bn Abbas advised him to refrain from doing so, but Hazrat Ali (AS) had foreseen the future scenario of government. He dispatched his own nominees to replace the Governors appointed by Usman (RA). Usman bn Hanif was sent to Basra to replace Abdullah bn Amir; Qais bin Sa’d was appointed as the Governor of Egypt and Abdullah bn Sarah was dismissed. Amarah bn Shahab was designated as the Governor of Kufa in place of Abu Musa Ashari and Suhail bn Hanif was ordered to replace Moavia, the Governor of Syria. All the Governors complied with the orders of the Caliph with the exception of Moavia who rejected the orders to abdicate. He confronted the new Governor and stopped him on the border. He compelled him to retreat to Madina. When all attempts to dismiss Moavia failed, Hazrat Ali (AS) had no alternative but to declare war upon him. It must be remembered that the Holy Prophet (Suallu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) had already appointed Hazrat Ali (AS) as his Deputy after his disappearance and had conditioned the obedience of Hazrat Ali (AS) upon all Muslims and companions. It is easily understandable point for every one as to who are obeying orders of the Messenger of Allah to obey Hazrat Ali (AS).


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