The Revolt of the Khawarij (Dissenters)

Some strict puritans raised objections against the arbitration and separated themselves from the main army of Hazrat Ali (AS) at Harura. They maintained that arbitration by human beings was not acceptable at any cost. The issue of the Caliphate should be adjudged by Allah, the Just. It was against the tenets of faith to act otherwise. The arrogant dissenters called upon Hazrat Ali (AS) to confess his apostasy and feel penitence of what he had done. This sect mustered sufficient strength within a short span of time. They denounced Hazrat Ali (AS) and Moavia as infidels and revolted against them. They also held that there is absolutely no necessity for a Caliph, so they should either be killed or deposed. They quoted this verse of the Holy Quran “All authority possesses Allah”. So there should be no King. They had coined many fanatistic creeds and set up the centre of their movement at Nahrawan. Their ring leader was Abdullan bin Wahab. Gradually, they became so daring that they marched on Mada’in to make it their capital. The Govenror repulsed their projected attack. The revolt of the dissenters posted a grave danger to the solidarity of Islam. They were spreading anarchy and lawlessness in the Empire. They used to murder those men and women who were loyal to the Caliph Hazrat Ali (AS). This state of affairs demanded the immediate attention of the Amir-ul-Momineen.


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